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Click image for a high resolution version. Lucis is also perfect for scientific and medical applications.

As you move the Enhance Detail slider to the left, detail pops. That's all it took to create the image on the right.

Improve contrast and detail but stay realistic.

Create a great HDR from 1 photo.

Over-process the image but mix it with the original to add texture.

Go surrealistic.



Lucis imageOriginal photo by Alex on Unsplash.

Lucis imageOriginal photo by Mattew Schwartz on Unsplash.






As you move the Smooth Detail slider to the right, you smooth image detail throughout the image. That's all it took to create the image to the left.

Go from noise reduction to watercolor effects.





Use both sliders to reveal patterns in the image. A sculpted look results when the difference between the two slider values is kept small, like the image to the right.

Play with this. You will be surprised at the images hidden within your image.

There is no end to the transformations Lucis can make. Process an image multiple times. Use Lucis plus Photoshop® editing capabilities.

Visit Techniques and Art Gallery to see some Lucis possibilities.


Luis imageOriginal photo by Jose Ros on Unsplash.


Lucis imageBy Barbara Williams.


Check Split Channels and apply the two sliders to each RGB channel separately.

Use Split Channels to perfect contrasts, create even better HDR images, and make drawing-effects like the image to the left.

If you process each channel with very different settings the result is wild. If you keep getting ugly, keep playing.

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