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Microtechnics was incorporated in 2001 by Dr. Gary Gaugler. Gary has an electrical engineering and computer science background. He is thoroughly engaged in digital photography. He has been doing medical and scientific stock photography work using optical and scanning electron microscopes for many years, as well as landscapes and art.

Many of his stock photos are still licensed today to customers around the world and are used in periodicals, journals and text books.

Lucis products were discontinued, and Image Content Technology LLC ceased all operations in 2016.

Lucis image of an antBy Gary Gaugler

ant detailby Gary Gaugler


In December 2017, Microtechnics started to bring the Lucis products back to market. Dr. Gaugler has been using Lucis since 2008 and is a staunch advocate for what Lucis can do.

LucisPro plug-in for Windows is the first product and is available now. The Mac LucisPro SA is now under re-development. The last released version by Image Content Technology was designed for Mac OS 10.9-11 and it runs on Sierra or High Sierra. This product has not been updated to new processing modules.

The new Mac LucisPro SA should be ready for release sometime this Spring. Please check back for updates on the web site.

sem image of diatoms

By Gary Gaugler

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