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Two sliders. Amazing results. Practically no learning curve.

The first two videos tell you everything you need to know. Prefer things in writing? Scroll down to see Quick Start Instructions, an explanation of the UI and links to the manuals.

Barbara Williams YouTube Video on the basics of Lucis (8 mins). Shows how to use Single Channel mode.

Barbara Williams YouTube Video, Lucis Perfect Contrast (3.5 mins). Shows how to use Split Channel mode.

Marilyn Sholin YouTube Video, on how to use Lucis to enliven your image (3 mins). This video also uses split Channel mode.

Tony Sweet YouTube Video Lucis Pro Demo at Ellis Island (8 mins). Perfect lighting and contrast in an image.

Quick Start Instructions

The initial value of the Enhance Detail slider is the number of intensity levels there are in the image. Move the Enhance Detail slider to the left, its value gets smaller and detail is increasingly revealed. You can reduce the value as low as 3. To disable this slider move it back to its highest value.

The Smooth Detail slider value is initially 1. As you move this slider to the right the value increases and detail is smoothed. To disable this slider move it back to 1.

Use both sliders to pull out contrast patterns in the image.

There is a slider to mix in a % of the original image. There is a slider to eliminate a % of any color shifts.

Click on Split Channels and enhance each RGB channel separately.

Windows Lucis Pro 6 Plug-in User's Guide

Macintosh Lucis Pro 6 SA User's Guide

Lucis Processing User Interface

Lucis User Interface
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